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Fierce Creme Gloss

Fierce Creme Gloss

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Fierce Creme Gloss is a creme-based lip gloss that helps to create a vibrant and radiant look. Its highly pigmented formula gives lips a glossy shine, perfect for any occasion. Its long-lasting formulation ensures your lips stay glossy and hydrated.

The Fierce Creme Gloss provides a bold, intense red color without sacrificing shine and gloss. This creme gloss offers a lightweight and non-greasy texture for comfortable wear. Perfect for creating a smooth, gloss finish.


  • Moisturizing
  • Non-Sticky Feel
  • Non-oily/greasy Feel
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Available in a wide range of colors 
  • Can be applied onto bare lips or layered over other lip products including liner.
  • Vanilla Scented

Key Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
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